About Page

Good Day! I’m a simple saver finding last minute 40%-75% off deals. I live in California. Bizonsocial has been online over 10 years selling a variation of physical products and marketing for offline businesses.

Times have changed, also the markets. Pandemic hit the world harder then Hiroshima in China. Everyone wanted a change in their lifestyles after the shutdown.

In the day I’m a blue collar worker and in the evening I’m scouring for deals to pass on to you. I’m an affiliate, marketer, researcher giving the best results at the end.

Bizonsocial established 06/30/12, has been providing quality products and service to the public. Served in SC, GA anyd now CA employs several people which assist in finding deals for a frugal community

“Being Proactive the early birds get the worm and the rest get leftovers.”